Quinoa salad with charred vegetables. Dark Food Photography.

Quinoa Salad with Charred Vegetables

I am not great with lunches. In fact, I am not that great with breakfasts either. I tend to reserve all my efforts (and belly space) for dinner. During the day, I would make sure my kids are fed, and then load up on caffeine. I know,  it doesn’t sound very healthy, I should really change that.

Good for me so, that I have been using my new hobby as an excuse to throw together healthy, satisfying, and pretty lunches that I could photograph, and eat afterwards. And yes, having a decent lunch does make you feel more like a human being. Having said that, dinner has suffered a bit, since most of my efforts are now channelled elsewhere but it will all balance out, eventually.

Without further ado, I am sharing some pictures and a few words on how our Quinoa and Charred Vegetables salad was made.

Quinoa salad with charred vegetables. Dark Food Photography.

I am a big fan of batch cooking, and while my meal planning skills are still somewhat lacking, I find when my fridge and freezer are well stocked with trusted staple foods, it is quite easy to quickly throw something together. I usually keep a jar of cooked quinoa, brown rice, or other grain in the fridge, ready to be turned into salads, breakfast bowls, sides. I don’t use any flavourings when cooking them, so they can be easily turned into a sweet or a savoury meal, depending on our mood. Here is how this salad came together.

  1. I used some fluffy, nutty quinoa as a base.
  2. I checked the fridge for any leftover veggies, then charred them on a hot griddle pan to bring out their sweetness and adding some smoky flavour while keeping the crunch. (Thank you Jamie Oliver!)
  3. I added some homemade pesto and some roasted pepper and tomato sauce. The two sauces complimented each other beautifully and added some extra depth to the dish. Guacamole or simply smashed avocado would work really well here, too.
  4. I added some protein. We had a fried egg but you can use chickpeas, feta, nuts, chicken, or whatever you like!
  5. I would have enjoyed some extra spice in the salad but I had to respect the kids’ sensitive palate.
  6. Enjoy! We certainly did!

Quinoa salad with charred vegetables. Dark Food Photography.Quinoa salad with charred vegetables. Dark Food Photography.DSC_0667

Happy Friday Everyone!



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