Bruschetta with mozzarella. Food photography.

Bruschetta for Dinner and Other Things

Patrick and me like going for aimless drives in the countryside on weekends. We drive slowly, taking in the scenery, pointing out the houses we like, slowing down to almost a halt to let oncoming traffic pass on narrow Irish country roads. Coffee in hand, we chat about everything and nothing. The kids fall asleep in their back seats and we let them.  It is a welcome break to our buzzing weekend. This is how we ended last week, a flurry of errands, cooking, eating, playing, laughing, and sometimes crying.

I captured a few moments, and there is a little story to each of them. Nothing extraordinary, just everyday life and our attempts to create some magic to brighten up the mundane.

DSC_0139DSC_0142On Saturday, we made our (almost) weekly trip to the Farmers’ Market. The plan was to get some organic vegetables and a few sausage rolls for the kids, and just hang out, but we ended up leaving with a bag of various cheese. One of them was the irresistible fresh mozzarella, firm on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. I had some semi stale sourdough bread, so that evening I toasted a few slices on the griddle pan, rubbed them with garlic, and topped each slice with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, and basil. Hmmm, crunchy and creamy, fresh and pungent, I forgot what a juxtaposition of textures and flavours a good bruschetta is, and what an excellent supper it makes, especially with  a glass of good red.

I really enjoyed taking photos of random flowers I found scattered around our unfinished and chaotic garden. It gave me a few moments to myself, just wondering outside, and made me appreciate our little piece of land even more. It also gave me a great opportunity to try to understand light in photography. I was taking most of my food photos inside, so it was refreshing to learn new things in a different context.

DSC_0658altDSC_0664altNow, this was a completely spontaneous experiment. I was feeling particularly silly on Sunday morning, and we had a box full of organic vegetables, so before I chopped them all up in delicious meals, I wanted to do a little collage, and this is what came out of it. Not quite sure how I feel about the outcome, maybe I will give it another go one day when I have enough kale and beetroot  lying around!

Have a great week!